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Several decades ago a generation of artists sat in their studios wondering if realism had been lost forever. Currently, this is far from the thoughts of the young artists who are pursuing their careers at any of the various art academies or ateliers located around the world. Our mission at American Painting Video Magazine is to share the story of a new movement, bringing to light a group of today’s finest realist painters, many of whom carried the torch through the dark times of the 20th century. Passing the knowledge they received to a new group of young artists who have dedicated their lives to the return to beauty in our culture.
The subtle observation of the world around us has inspired artists for centuries. This difficult task of transmitting something beyond a mere image, exploring the subconscious, has begun to emerge once again in today’s contemporary art scene. Our passion at APVM is to put the voice back into the hands of the artists themselves. Through a strict adherence to craft and the ability to say something new, these individuals are not only leading the way but they are distinguishing themselves by their immense talent. We are honored to feature today’s living masters and their personal stories about what inspires them to paint.




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